Dawna Moore Photography
Being a gypsy soul at heart, my photography goes hand in hand with my love of travel and exploration. Photography allows me to capture a moment the instant I click my camera’s shutter and preserve it forever. It’s these moments that I love to look back on and remember the experiences I had while exploring and photographing the world around me.
My interest in photography began when I was young and shooting with a Fisher-Price 110 film camera and eventually several point-and-shoot cameras, but I never really learned how a camera worked or the art of photography. After a trip to Europe in 2008, where all of my photos came out horrendously bad, I decided to hone the skills needed to create stunning images. I attended the New York Institute of Photography's online school and graduated in 2012, earning a certificate in Professional Photography. 
I’m happiest when I’m traveling and photographing places and things I have not seen before. I create some of my best images when exploring a place for the first time. I also enjoy the challenge of travel photography; researching places to visit, finding great locations, battling tourists who always manage to walk right in front of you at precisely the wrong time, and trying to capture spectacular light, but ultimately catching that perfect moment.
Some of my favorite places to explore are the coastal communities and beaches along the Southeast and New England coasts. I love to photograph the grand scenics of the beaches and marshes at sunrise and sunset and the historic, cultural and architectural details of the towns and cities along the seacoast. I also have a minor obsession with lighthouses and recently started a quest to photograph every single lighthouse in the United States. Completing the task will be difficult as there are well over 700 lighthouses in the U.S. and most of those lighthouses are best seen by boat. As daunting as this may seem to someone who gets seasick just looking at a dinghy tied to a dock, I remain undeterred and look forward to the challenge.
Check out my Lighthouse Quest photos HERE!
Through my photography, I hope to inspire and awaken a curiosity to get out and explore the world around you. For those who have visited the places in my photographs, I hope they will evoke a strong feeling of connection and memory of your time spent there. I’m uber excited about my upcoming adventures and hope you’ll come along for the ride!
Peace, Love and Happy Travels,